Ski & Snow


What to prepare for safe skiing!

Ski slopes are often very cold and snowy. So, you must be prepared at all times to enjoy skiing and snowboarding to thefullest. Make a checklist including the items below and don’t forget to bring them.


SKI GOGGLES Ski goggles protect your eyes not only from direct sunlight but also from light reflected from the snow-covered fields. They are also useful for shutting out wind and cold air


HAT Functional hats, waterproof and warm, are highly recommended.


SUNSCREEN, LIP BALM & HAND CREAM Ski resorts are cold and dry, so prepare lip balm and hand cream. And, don't forget sunscreen!


GLOVES & NECK WARMER These are must haves items to keep you warm, and to prevent skin from being exposed to too much sunlight. In particular, functional items that are waterproof and warm are helpful.


SKIS & SNOWBOARD (OR RENTAL) If you have your own equipment, that's great. But if you don't there are plenty of rental shops in and around the resort. You can rent skis/boards, padded pants, and more.


WINTER CLOTHES Mountain weather conditions can change drastically by the hour, so dress warmly and in layers. Skiwear and other equipment are available for rent in most ski areas.


HOT PACK Hot packs come very handy in cold winter days. On especially cold days, single-use hot packs are easily available at convenient stores. You can keep them in your pocket, or there are also stick-on types that you can tape onto your clothes.