Tourist Trains

* Tourist trains and attractions subject to closure or limited access due to COVID-19. Check the official website before visiting.

【 Photo: Sea Train 】

The Korea Railroad Co., better known as Korail, provides a multitude of special tourist train to facilitate regional travel and explore Korea’s beautiful nature and landscapes. Available tourist trains are the East Sea & Santa Village Train, Baekdudaegan Mountain Range Canyon Train (V-Train), Sea Train, West Gold Train, South Coast Train (S-Train), Jeongseon Arirang Train (A-Train), and the hotel-style Rail Cruise Haerang.

East Sea & Santa Village Train

  • 【 Photo: East Sea & Santa Village Train (Credit: Korail) 】
  • 【 Photo: Bada Buchae-gil Road 】
  • 【 Photo: Jeongdongjin Beach 】

East Sea & Santa Village Train offers visitors an amazing view of the sea and the mountains. From Gangneung Station in Gangwon-do, the train rides along the beautiful landscape of the East Sea, passes through Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, and finally arrives at the Santa Village at Buncheon Station in Gyeongsangbuk-do. The amazing sight of a cruise ship sitting on top of a cliff and various Santa experience programs at the Santa Village are some of the merits of this train ride.

Course (Train stops) Gangneung – Jeongdongjin – Mukho – Donghae – Singi - Dogye - Dongbaeksan - Cheoram - Seokpo - Seungbu - Yangwon - Bidong - Buncheon

Baekdudaegan Mountain Range Canyon Train (V-Train) LINK

【 Photo: V-Train (Credit: Korail) 】

The ‘V’ in V-Train stands for "valley," as it travels through the beautiful valley of Cheoram in Gangwon-do as well as Buncheon and Yangwon in Gyeongsangbuk-do. Riding on the V-Train is especially refreshing as the windows can be opened to feel the breeze. Traveling at a leisurely speed slower than regular trains, passengers can easily enjoy the changing views of the mountains and valleys. This train was designed as an eco-friendly train and has no restrooms installed.

Course (Train stops)
Buncheon → Bidong → Yangwon → Seungbu → Cheoram

West Gold Train

  • 【 Photo: West Gold Train (Credit: Korail) 】
  • 【 Photo: West Gold Train foot bath car (Credit: Korail) 】
  • 【 Photo: West Gold Train ondol car (Credit: Korail) 】

The West Gold Train travels along the west coast with the ocean shimmering in gold from the sunlight. The interior of the train is as extravagant as much as its name and exterior, equipped with a café car, foot bath car, ondol car and more for passengers to enjoy. Passengers can use various amenities with a separate fee; check the details before boarding.

Course (Train stops)
Yongsan → Suwon → Asan → Onyang springs → Yesan → Hongseong → Daecheon → Janghang → Gunsan → Iksan

South Coast Train (S-Train)

【 Photo: S-train (Credit: Korail) 】

The South Coast Train (S-Train) has an exterior designed to resemble the Geobukseon (turtle ship) of General Yi Sun-sin. The train is decorated with a carpet that looks like waves crashing down and also has a special car that has an old school atmosphere. There are two different routes: Seoul to Yeosu and Busan to Boseong, providing an option for passengers to depart from the station that is more convenient.

Course (Train stops)
Departing from Busan: Busan → Gupo → Mulgeum → Samnyangjin → Jinyeong → Changwonjungang → Masan → Jinju → Bukcheon → Hadong → Suncheon → Beolgyo → Deungnyang → Boseong

Departing from Seoul: Seoul → Yeongdeungpo → Suwon → Cheonan → Seodaejeon → Iksan → Jeonju → Namwon → Gokseong → Guryegu → Suncheon → Yeosu EXPO

Jeongseon Arirang Train (A-Train)

  • 【 Photo: A-train (Credit: Korail) 】
  • 【 Photo: Mindungsan Mountain) 】
  • 【 Photo: Byeongbangchi Skywalk 】

The Jeongseon Arirang Train (A-Train) expresses the beautiful Korean folk song “Arirang” by traveling through clean nature of Jeongseon in Gangwon-do. The train runs twice a day, except on Mondays and Tuesdays. The train will operate on those two days only if they overlap with the Jeongseon 5-day Market day. Visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery of Jeongseon through the large glass windows.

Course (Train stops)
Seoul → Cheongnyangni → Jecheon → Yeongwol → Yemi → Mindungsan → Byeoreogok → Seonpyeong → Jeongseon → Najeon → Auraji


- DMZ Peace Train
- Regional DMZ Attractions

  • Purchasing tickets: Online through the Let’s Korail website and on-site at stations along the course
    * Using the Korail Pass (online reservations & on-site purchase) is recommended as it grants unlimited access to the East Sea & Santa Village Train and V-Train, as well as other tourist trains including A-Train, S-Train, DMZ Peace Train, and West Gold Train for a designated time period.
    * Operating days are subject to change; refer to the Let’s Korail website for updates
  • Fares (One-way):
    * Fare varies by travel date and distance. Check the reservation page for estimated fare.
More info
  • Korail website: (English, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Korail Pass page: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Russian)
  • Inquiries: +82-1544-7788 (Korean only), +82-1599-7777 (English, Japanese, Chinese)

Sea Train LINK

【 Photo: Sea Train (Top & left credit: Korail) 】

The Sea Train offers refreshing ocean views through the wide windows as well as entertainment through uniquely designed cars. The first and second cars include Propose Rooms for couples where they can enjoy a glass of wine during their romantic ride along the ocean shore. The third car is equipped with Sea Train Café, where passengers can purchase a cup of coffee, light snacks, and even local products from the eastern coast region. The interior of the train is decorated in an undersea motif with images of diverse marine animals, serving as a perfect backdrop for memorable photos.

Course (Train stops): Gangneung → Jeongdongjin → Mukho → Donghae → Chuam → Samcheok Haebyeon

Sea Train
  • Purchasing tickets: On-site purchase at Gangneung or Samcheok Haebyeon Station
    * Ticket purchase at other train stops available in the case of open seats upon phone inquiry (Purchase tickets from staff after boarding)
    * Foreigners can make a reservation via phone call
  • Fares (One-way)
    - Car 1 & 2 (First-class): Adults 16,000 won / Children 14,400 won - Car 3 Family seat (4 people): 52,000 won
    - Car 4 (General seating): Adults 14,000 won / Children 12,600 won
    - Propose Room (2 people): 50,000 won
    * Adults (ages 13 & over) / Children (ages 4-12)
  • Train departure time
    - Gangneung → Samcheok Haebyeon: Regular train 10:47, 14:41 / Weekend train 07:54
    - Samcheok Haebyeon → Gangneung: Regular train 12:00, 15:59 / Weekend train 09:28
    * Approx. 1 hour & 10 minutes for one-way / 2 hours & 40 minutes for roundtrip
    * Operating schedule subject to change; call Korail and inquire in advance
  • Inquiries: +82-33-573-5474 (Korean, English, Japanese)
    * Assistance in foreign language may not be available depending on staff schedule
    1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay)

Rail Cruise Haerang LINK

【 Photo: Rail Cruise Haerang (Credit: Korail) 】

Rail Cruise Haerang combines the luxury of cruise and hotel into a tourist train. The cabins are divided into hotel room types: Deluxe, Suite, and Family. The train is also equipped with various facilities as well as high-class food and beverage services, including wine and cocktails. Rail Cruise Haerang has three different courses to suit the luxury needs of the passengers.

Course (Train stops)
* Schedule subject to change every 2-3 months depending on seasonality; check the official website for details

Rail Cruise Haerang
  • Fare: Grand Tour of Korea 1,220,000 won / Tour in the southeast of Korea 800,000 won / Tour in the southwest of Korea 800,000 won
    * Fare based on two people.
  • Room types: Suite room (2 people), Deluxe room (2 people), Family room (3-4 people), Standard room (4 people)
More info
  • Rail Cruise Haerang website: (Korean, English)
  • Inquiries: +82-1544-7755 (Korean only)
  • 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay)
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