Immigration Clearance

Any inbound foreign visitor who is age 17 or older entering the Republic of Korea (herein after Korea) through any port or airport is required to go through a mandatory fingerprint and facial recognition registration process. The registration process is waived for the following persons: foreign government officials and international organization representatives, as well as their family members; and visitors with an official invitation from the central government of Korea.

Manned Immigration Clearance Procedure

  • 1. Wait in the foreign passport holders queue for an available immigration officer.
  • 2. Submit arrival card and passport to immigration officer.
  • * Biometric information (fingerprints & photo) required for foreigners who are age 17 or older.

Automated Immigration System (Smart Entry Service)

Entering through the Automated Immigration System is available to foreigners who are age 17 or older and registered to stay in Korea for 90 days or longer. Tourists visiting short-term must pass through manned immigration.

Automated Immigration Clearance procedure

  • 1. Scan your passport
  • 2. Enter the auto-gate
  • 3. Scan your registered fingerprint for verification
  • 4. Look at the camera for facial recognition

Document Preparation

You can expedite your arrival process by completing the required forms before arrival.

1. Arrival Card

Visitors entering Korea are required to submit an arrival card, except for those who are staying for 90 days or more and have registered with the Korea Immigration Service.

2. Customs Declaration Form

All passengers entering Korea are required to fill out a customs declaration form. While all individual travelers must fill out a form, only one form per family is required when traveling with family members. Travelers who have a postal shipment must fill out two forms to submit one upon customs clearance during baggage claim and the other to the airline staff, who will clear customs upon arrival of the shipment on behalf of the traveler. Please contact your airline for details in regards to receiving postal shipment.

3. Quarantine Questionnaire

Passengers who have been to countries that have had reported outbreaks of cholera, yellow fever, pests, or other infectious diseases must fill out a quarantine questionnaire form.

More Info
  • Incheon International Airport Immigration Guide: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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  • Korea Customs Service website: (Korean, English)
  • 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay)

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